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Blog Post #9

IMG_20180329_231037612.jpgWhat is your favorite photograph in your home? Please scan it or re-photograph it, post it to your blog and write a brief blurb about why you like it.

This is one of my favorite pictures in my house, it is of my Grandma Jean. She is my mothers mother, and I have never met her. I think one of the reasons I love this picture so much is because of the person in the picture. My mom always tells us about little things that remind her of my grandmother. I also love the vintage feel of the picture since it is the original one from when she was in her early twenties. Every time I pass by this picture in my living room I always think of all of the things my mother and my aunts have told me about her and it makes me think of all of the little things that I know associate with her in my everyday life. This is obviously not an interesting composition a and it is a plain portrait style photo but the meaning behind the person in the photo is the reason it means so much to me. 

Blog Post #8

What was the last deliberate thing you did to effect social change? (do you volunteer, recycle, vote, walk, ride your bike, or use public transportation verses driving a car, use a refillable water bottle, etc)

One way I try to effect social change, is by using a refillable water bottle. I also recycle plastic and cardboard!

 Image result for camelbak water bottle

Blog Post #7

untitledWhat visual “thing” (it could be anything- a movie, television show, and ad on the subway, a funny cartoon) from the last month has stayed in your mind?  Please post a photo (if available– you could always google an image) and write about it.

This image I saw I was scrolling through Instagram, like usual and I stopped to read this I never realized how important this saying is. I also didn’t realize how important this is to understand. Art has always been something that has gone through time, by telling what the time was about. Think about artists like Leonardo Da’ Vinci, he is one of the most remarkable and timeless artist ever. His work although encompassed what that time period was all about, it sort of was angled differently than what most would think of at that time. Each time we analyze a picture or a body of work  we think about the deeper meaning of it. This saying explains what artist do!!


Blog Post #6

This week’s blog prompt is a little different than usual. I would like you to interview a family member and ask them the following questions:

I chose to interview my mother 

1. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen?

One of the most beautiful things she has ever seen was when she visited Hawaii. She went there on her honeymoon and went to the island of Kauai. Waimea Canyon State Park  because it was one of the first places she has been that was such a wide open beautiful land. She describes it as Heaven on earth!
2. What is one of the most beautiful things you have ever experienced?

One of the most beautiful things my mother has experienced was the birth of her three children. 
3. What is their favorite memory or story about you?

My mothers favorite memory about me is when I was younger I was often worried about other people,  and  I asked her one day if she was sad about her mother, my grandmother, who had died when she was young. I was around three years old when I asked her this and she was a little surprised. She used to talk about her from time to time but not everyday, so she said that it made her realize what kind of person I was at a young age. 


Blog Post #5

What did you think was the most successful part of your presentation and what is the thing that you would do differently next time? How did it feel to be presenting your work to the class? Was it better or worse then you expected? Please post your PowerPoint or the visuals used today in your presentation to this blog post (as well as to the TIME page of your Online Portfolio– yes, I asked you to post it twice!)

The most successful part of my presentation was how much the audience reacted to my idea. I didn’t have much confidence in my idea with the audience but, I loved the idea and I wasn’t sure if the viewers would love also. I am so glad that people in class answered my questions and helped me out in figuring out the final details of the project. Next time I would have prepared more questions for the class, along with adding more visuals so the audience got more of an idea of what I was going for. I was super excited to present in front of the class, I love nothing more than actually taking the pictures and doing the project than sharing it with other people. I should have prepared my notes on the slides a little bit more, It would have made for a smoother presentation. I am super excited to continue with the project and see how the class reacts at the end of the semester. 

Maddy’s TIME Presentation


Blog Post #4

What is the most interesting thing that you have seen this week?!? Post an image of it and tell us why it “speaks to you”.

This picture I saw a while ago, I saved it right away because it touched me in some kind of way. Any black and white picture speaks to me more than if it were in color, but this picture in particular I saw in color as well. I follow this girl on Instagram and I know a little bit about her.  After reading the caption about her struggling with being a new mom, it was so impact to someone who is so young, both me and her. From seeing the pictures she posts about before she was pregnant and through her pregnancy were not a deep as this one was. She really told us about her struggles and I liked that she was straight with us.  Instagram is a place to share your pictures and most of the pictures are just to show happy times, I was engaged and I was happy that the picture reflected a happy time and a time of struggle. 

Blog Post #4 Pic