Blog Post #5

What did you think was the most successful part of your presentation and what is the thing that you would do differently next time? How did it feel to be presenting your work to the class? Was it better or worse then you expected? Please post your PowerPoint or the visuals used today in your presentation to this blog post (as well as to the TIME page of your Online Portfolio– yes, I asked you to post it twice!)

The most successful part of my presentation was how much the audience reacted to my idea. I didn’t have much confidence in my idea with the audience but, I loved the idea and I wasn’t sure if the viewers would love also. I am so glad that people in class answered my questions and helped me out in figuring out the final details of the project. Next time I would have prepared more questions for the class, along with adding more visuals so the audience got more of an idea of what I was going for. I was super excited to present in front of the class, I love nothing more than actually taking the pictures and doing the project than sharing it with other people. I should have prepared my notes on the slides a little bit more, It would have made for a smoother presentation. I am super excited to continue with the project and see how the class reacts at the end of the semester. 

Maddy’s TIME Presentation



Blog Post #4

What is the most interesting thing that you have seen this week?!? Post an image of it and tell us why it “speaks to you”.

This picture I saw a while ago, I saved it right away because it touched me in some kind of way. Any black and white picture speaks to me more than if it were in color, but this picture in particular I saw in color as well. I follow this girl on Instagram and I know a little bit about her.  After reading the caption about her struggling with being a new mom, it was so impact to someone who is so young, both me and her. From seeing the pictures she posts about before she was pregnant and through her pregnancy were not a deep as this one was. She really told us about her struggles and I liked that she was straight with us.  Instagram is a place to share your pictures and most of the pictures are just to show happy times, I was engaged and I was happy that the picture reflected a happy time and a time of struggle. 

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Blog Post #3

Find an article(s) on public speaking or visuals in presentations that you find helpful or interesting. Please post both an image (if there is one) and a quick blurb about the article and why you found it thoughtful enough to share.\

Public speaking is tough to conquer, but it is something that we all have to do at some point. I found this article had a clever approach to facing any fears or stressors that one might have before a speech. The article talks about practicing in front of your dog. It states “a dog is no more distracted than your typical college student. You might even get a lick.” I thought that it was interesting to try this approach because most people have dogs, I’m sure this could also work with a cat as well. When I am ready to practice my presentation, my dog is the first one who is going to hear it!

Blog Post 2

What was your favorite photograph or body of work from the presentation today? Why? Please post your favorite image(s), your thoughts, and a link to the artist’s website (or an informational page about the artist).

My favorite body of work from the presentation in class, was from Nicholas Nixon, and his series of pictures of The Brown Sisters. I found it so interesting how with just one picture a year, it shows growth and organization through time. Taking pictures of people consistently over years seems easy but getting down to it, it takes time and planning. The results of this series is just so cool to see for an ordinary viewer, but it must feels so cool for The Brown Sisters to be able to see themselves grow up from young girls to older women. These pictures show an evolution of time, with the black and white filter along with the mundane facial expressions show the real transition of time. 

<p>1978, Harwich Port, Mass.</p><p>1999, Brookline, Mass.</p><p>2007, Cataumet, Mass.</p>

The three pictures I chose spoke to me the most. Since all the pictures are in black and white, along with the sisters all having simple facial expressions it allows the audience to focus on their eyes. These three photos focus on their eyes, which then allow the audience to focus on the deeper meaning in their eyes. 

This first link is to an article from The New York Times, its about his series on The Brown Sisters.  The second link is all about Nicholas Nixon and his life as a photographer.

Blog Post 1

If you had to select only three images to communicate something about the current state of humanity to an extraterrestrial being, what three images would you select? Please post those images and a short blurb as to why you selected that specific image. Please use complete sentences.

When being asked to try and communicate our wold to someone or something that doesnt know what our would is about or is going through, is difficult to pick. When anyone asks me a question about something that I need to input my opinion, it is usually on more of a happier and brighter side than it normally is. There has been a lot more negitivity in the world lately which has made it rough to find positivity, but i think that is what makes it more valuable and more appreciated since it is being outweighed severly. When it comes to the problems that are going on in the world they tend to be less of something that is out of our reach but more that we are too divided to come together to solve one issue at a time. These three pictures show the people of our world have successfully made life happier and better for those who need others help. There is kindness in the world and especially since it is hard to fine, people need to help and be kid to any and everyone.


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